The more you give, The richer you are.

The more you use our platform service, the richer you will be. We realized free mobile communications and roaming service based on a gift economy. When you provide your available data as a gift for your neighbors who really need it, you will be given tokens which is exchangeable to cash in direct proportion to the use of service and data sharing. If you are interested in it, then please join us.

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Sharing and cooperation by adjacent neighbors around you enable to use free Internet and roaming services.

Ambient Intelligence

By recognizing you and your surroundings, at a decisive instant, it speedily predicts forthcoming results and enables to respond an appropriate measure.

US Patented Technologies

Essential technologies such as community based search, situation-awareness, low energy communications, and cooperation based mesh networking, AI based on makeup and billiards are patented ones.

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Realizing a sustainable business

A sustainable business known as a green business is an enterprise that has minimal negative impact or potentially a positive effect on the global or local environment, community, society, or economy. As a solution to realize the business, we provide a platform service based on a gift economy, which provides a free mobile communication and roaming service, the prevention of smartphone loss, and life answer. When people use the service, people will get monetary rewards as tokens every month and donate it to good conducts.

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Our Approach

We will give you an essential platform service called GUARDit, which contains anti-loss of your smartphone, a life answer when you are at the crossroads, and free mobile communication and roaming service. GUARDit guards and protects your precious money, smartphone, precious memories, life, and the planet Earth we live on. The more you use the app, the more you earn monetary rewards. An app user can get exchangeable token(mi:gram)s such as cash, which is settled and paid monthly in proportion to data sharing and the use of the app, and 1 token is linked to 1 US dollar’s value. 70% of the revenue generated from the use of the app is monthly paid to each app user in proportion to their use, and 10% of profits will be donated to various win-win programs (biological ecosystem protection, climate change, etc.) to save our planet Earth.

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Save Our Planet Earth

You may donate your tokens to save our planet Earth, thereby finding missing children, supporting a crusade against illiteracy, preserving bio-ecosystems, climate change, etc. All of these good conducts can be achieved by your voluntary participation with your tokens.

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This video introduces essential concepts about GUARDit App.

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GUARD your precious it (money, smartphone, memories, life, and our planet Earth)