Terms of Service

Chapter 1. Terms of Service?

Article 1. Purpose and Definition

Thank you for choosing a service for preventing smartphone from loss and providing life answer message (hereinafter, “GUARDit” or “Service”) provided by Eureka Labs. You can use the Service by consenting to these Terms of Service.

This Terms of Service prescribe general provisions about the rights, duties and responsibilities, terms of use, and procedures required in use of the Service.

Article 2. Effect and Modification of Terms of Service

  • ①The Terms of Service shall be posted in the relevant pages of the Service or via other methods and shall be effective between the user and Eureka Labs hereto.
  • ②Eureka Labs, if deemed necessary, can change this Terms of Service within the scope not contravening the relevant laws and regulations. In such case, Eureka Labs shall announce or notify the amended contents at least seven (7) days prior to the effective date.

Chapter 2. The Service Agreement

Article 3. Formation of Agreement

  • ①To use the Service, the user requires downloading a mobile appGUARDit and install it unless you have one.
  • ②The Service Agreement shall come into effect at the moment after you consent to the Terms of Service.

Chapter 3. Use of the Services

Article 4. Provision of Services

  • ①If this Terms of Service comes into consent, you can use the Service (prevention of smartphone loss and provision of life answer) at your will.

Article 5. Modification and Termination of the Services

  • ①Eureka Labs exerts every effort in providing the Service 24/7/365.
  • ②Service suspension for any of the foregoing causes shall be notified or announced in the method prescribed in the Article 10, provided that any cause that Eureka Labs cannot predict or control (e.g. Disc/server failure or system down without Eureka Labs’ negligence) will make an exception of such prior notification or announcement. However, even for such exceptional cause, Eureka Labs will exert its utmost effort to recover the Service at the earliest time.

Article 6. The Attentive Points and Methods to use the Service

  • ①The Service can be used, but any User shall perform none of the following subparagraphs during his/her use of the Service.
    • Privately use any content obtained from the Service
    • Violate other existing laws and regulations, the Terms of Service, and/or any detailed Service instructions provided by Eureka Labs.

Article 7. Termination of the Service

  • ①If you withdraw from the Service, the Service Agreement shall automatically end by deleting the GUARDit mobile app.
  • ②Even with termination of the Service Agreement, if you download the app again and use it, then you can consider as you can use the Service again.

Article 8. Protection of Personal Information

The primary task of Eureka Labs is not to use the User’s personal information unlike other service providers and to protect it. Such minimal information shall provide a seamless Service only within purpose and scope agreed between the Parties hereto. Unless the Users have made a separate consent, or except as otherwise prescribed in the relevant laws and regulations, Eureka Labs DOES NOT PROVIDE the User’s personal information to third parties.

Chapter 4. Others

Article 9. Protection of the Youth

People of all ages can access the Service constrainedly.

Article 10. Notice and announcement

Communication with the Users is most valued by Eureka Labs. Notification for all Users shall come into force by being posted in the Service Notification for no less than seven (7) days.

Article 11. Dispute Settlement

The Terms of Service or the Service shall be stipulated and executed under the laws and regulations of the Republic of Korea. In case of any disputes arising out of or related to use of the Service between the Parties concerned, Eureka Labs shall faithfully consult with the other Party hereto to resolve such issues. Unless the foregoing conflicts are settled, Eureka Labs may sue to a competent court under the Civil Procedure Act.

  • Notification Date: November 1, 2020
  • Enforcement Date: November 8, 2020
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