BillyGo: A.I.-based Billiards Training & Match System 

We are targeting to develop a BillyGo system, particularly consisting of only 3 cushion billiards known as the essence of sports, sciences, and arts amongst billiards games. BillyGo can overcome all of the inherent issues such as location restrictions and tedious training.

Automatic Training & Match System

Enabling systematic training by providing unlimited repetitions to achieve training goals under certain circumstances.

Remote Training and Matches

No matter where your player is, each player can match with another player. We can solve an issue in regards to spatial distance.

Maximizing Learning Capacity

Billiards is an intellectual sport based on mathematics and physics. It also trains focused attention and thinking as well as manners, which are particularly helpful for the youth’s mental growth.

Revitalizing the Billiards Industry

By issuing a BillyGo:coin cryptocurrency based on a blockchain platform, we are making a billiards ecosystem that is beneficial for all billiards communities.

Enlarging the Billiards Community

We are planning to install the BillyGo system in your home, billiards cafe, schools and sports facilities, which will enlarge the number of billiards club members.

Patented Technologies

System using patents on billiards, computer vision, blockchain, robotics, monitoring, and wireless mesh networking, etc.

A.I.-based Training and Match

Systematic learning and training using patented A.I. (computer vision, deep learning, monitoring, big data, and robotics) and Blockchain technologies.

Remote Training and Matches

No matter where you are, remote training and matches are realized by BillyGo.

For more details, please visit a BillyGo site

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